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    Our hourly billing rate depends on the legal area, scope and complexity of each individual case and can vary from NOK 1800 to NOK 2200 plus 25% VAT.


    Our clients pay a replenishing deposit prior to the performance of legal services to be credited against services performed, as those tasks are completed. In a replenishing deposit, the client is supposed to replenish the deposit to an agreed-upon fixed amount when it is exhausted to a certain level, as set by the fee agreement (for example, when an initial NOK 10 000 deposit is exhausted to NOK 2000, the client agrees to deposit whatever amount necessary to bring the deposit back up to NOK 10 000).


    Attorney-at-law Sandra Latotinaite – general terms and conditions.

    FAQ: “Will I be able to recover my attorney’s fees?”
    Everyone has to pay their own attorneys’ fees – even if you win at trial or in a non-trial dispute. Fortunately, there is a way to “even the playing field” and put yourself in a position to recover your attorneys’ fees, partially or completely. However, this applies normally to court cases only.


    Our attorneys pursue full reimbursement of your fees. Always.


    FAQ: Do You give free consultations?
    No. This is because we take the time to give you a truly well-rounded evaluation. We won’t just tell you whether we’ll take the case, or rush you into a lawsuit. We give you all the information and tools you need to make an informed decision for yourself – no pressure or sales pitches. We’ll discuss the costs and benefits associated with pursuing legal action, what approach is in your best interest, and what you can expect if you choose to pursue a claim. We devote the utmost attention and care to our existing clients, and we want to do the same for you. If you don’t have a case, we’ll make sure you understand why, and discuss what other options might be available to you.


    FAQ: What is legal aid (fri rettshjelp)?
    Legal aid is the provision of assistance to people otherwise unable to afford legal representation and access to the court system and is aimed at people on benefits or on very low incomes.


    • Primary legal aid (fritt rettsråd) includes providing the client with legal information, legal advice and a lawyer’s assistance during the pre-trial process.
    • Secondary legal aid (fri sakførsel) is defined as the right to counsel during the trial process and includes the following: the preparation of documents, defense and representation in court as well as representation of the client’s interests in out-of-court disputes.


    FAQ: Do I qualify for legal aid (fri rettshjelp)?

    Here are the basic rules:

    • Your assets and annual income may not exceed the amounts established by the Norwegian Government:
      – For single individuals: gross monthly income may not exceed NOK 20 500, while gross annual income may not exceed NOK 246 000
      – For married/cohabiting individuals: gross monthly household income may not exceed NOK 30 750, while gross annual income may not exceed NOK 369 000
      – Net value of assets may not exceed NOK 100 000


    • Legal aid may be given only in certain cases as established by the Norwegian Government:
      – If you have experienced wrongful termination (NB! state-funded legal aid is not provided if the client is seeking to recover unpaid wages, holiday pay, overtime or the difference between an agreed hourly rate and a minimal hourly rate, as established by a collective agreement)
      – If your residential lease agreement was terminated or you have experienced potentially wrongful eviction from a rental apartment
      – If you need to resolve issues related to the establishment of paternity, custody or visitation rights when going through the dissolution of a marriage or cohabitation relationship
      – If your child has been abducted to Lithuania or any other foreign state
      – You wish to appeal a decision made by the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV)


    Individuals whose annual household income exceeds the amount of NOK 100 000, are obligated to pay a surcharge (egenandel) established by the Government for legal aid that requires more than two hours. In case of primary legal aid, the surcharge is set by the Norwegian Government at NOK 1025. In case of secondary legal aid, the compulsory surcharge is calculated as 25% of all legal costs, however, no more than NOK 4975.


    Legal aid may be provided to anyone who meets the relevant requirements, irrespective of nationality – you may be from Norway, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine or any other country.



    FAQ: Do You give legal aid (fri rettshjelp)?

    ! Unfortunately, we do not provide legal aid at the moment. If you nevertheless qualify for and wish to get legal aid, you should get in touch with other lawyers.