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  • Do you know what the proprietary status of your spouse or cohabitant would be in the event of a divorce or death, including their status with regard to your creditors? Assets and money are not everything, but they play an important part in making us feel secure.
  • Before getting married or moving in, everyone should be aware of their future financial position and, if necessary, formalize their proprietary relations according to their wishes with regard to the future. In the event of a divorce, the preferences of either party have little decisive power, which is why we recommend thinking clearly, keeping a cool head, not giving in to emotion, and taking care of your economic situation before you move in together with your partner. We assure you that signing a prenuptial or domestic partnership agreement is not a prediction of divorce.
  • A large part of our work consists of detailing the division of property in the event of a divorce or termination of cohabitation. We can safely say that in the majority of cases, a prenuptial or domestic partnership agreement, had it been signed, would have considerably facilitated the process of dividing property, not to mention the fact that litigation costs in such cases would have been completely insignificant.
  • We help our clients to properly formalize their proprietary relations (both in a marital and domestic partnership): we draw up prenuptial and domestic partnership agreements, formalize donation transactions, etc. These are important documents that provide insurance against legal consequences in the event of divorce and ensure peace of mind.
  • We provide assistance in resolving matters related to the division of property and the conclusion of divorce settlements.
  • In the absolute majority of cases in Norway, marriage is dissolved by out-of-court settlement with the assistance of lawyers. However, if a marriage is dissolved without a divorce settlement, it is likely that issues neglected during the dissolution of the marriage will lead the spouses to seek a resolution in court.
  • In each case, we seek a peaceful settlement (which is also cheaper for our clients). However, if the parties do not reach agreement, we defend the rights and interests of our clients in all court and pre-trial proceedings.