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  • The construction sector generates millions in annual revenue, and contracts are drawn up for each and every krone to be spent. The number of contracts the construction business necessitates is immense and, unfortunately, legal paperwork is often riddled with just as many errors.
  • We provide assistance to construction companies in drawing up contracts, revising and, if necessary, amending contracts drawn up by others, analyse the limits of contractual and statutory civil liability, demand the fulfilment of obligations on behalf of our clients and assist them in resolving disputes.
  • A large part of our work consists of analysing the situation before a contract is signed. This is done for the purpose of identifying and eliminating risk factors and thus preventing the occurrence of errors and material damages.
  • A good business strategy is to always consult with a lawyer when negotiating a contract, before any disputes even arise. This allows the client to avoid major conflicts, dead-end situations and, of course, considerable litigation costs.